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March 2020
MARCH--THE MONTH OF ALL THINGS IRISH!  Do you consider yourself a lucky person? I agree with Coleman Cox's sentiment: "I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more I seem to have." What's the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you?
I hope you're not relying on luck, though, to stay healthy during this cold/flu season. Essential oils can help support your immune system--contact me for more details! You also need to eat clean as much as possible, get plenty of good sleep, move your body and drink lots of water.
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And if you're looking for a cool "green" recipe for St. Patrick's Day, check out the pesto-dipping sauce recipe below!

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Do You Know Your Numbers?
Knowledge is power. Burying your head in the sand promotes a sense of being a victim.
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ARE YOU SLEEP DEPRIVED? Chronic sleep deprivation is one of the most overlooked details when considering overall health. It's even being linked to Alzheimer's. Essential oils can help you in your search for better and more sleep. ALWAYS consult with your doctor before using the oils--the positive effects may require a change in the dose of one or more medications. The good news is that essential oils are natural, so your body knows what to do with them! You can learn more about these oils here.
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Holistic Lifestyle Tips--Getting Real About the Woo-Woo!
Every Wednesday      9:00pm-9:10pm
THERE IS HOPE FOR A QUALITY OF LIFE AS YOU AGE, but the odds will be more in your favor, in my humble opinion, if you open your mind to a different, whole body approach instead of treating symptoms. I have embraced a holistic approach to wellness for over 25 years and would love to share what I've learned on my journey.  I am 62, genetically pre-disposed to diabetes, and yet I am not on ANY daily prescriptions or OTC. Are you ready for positve change?!
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FemCity Johnson City Collective Event
Tues., March 17, 11:30-1
Rock's Wood Fired Pizza
3119 Bristol Hwy., Johnson City
FemCity is a place for women in business to come together in support of each other. And it’s happening right here, in our own community. I am honored to lead this mastermind group with a global reach and invite you to be a part of it! Your first visit is FREE with a 30 day free membership!
Sun., Mar. 15   2p-4p
Holiday Inn--Johnson City
101 W Springbrook Dr.
Are you curious about natural solutions and how they may help you and your loved ones? Essential oils are EVERYWHERE! But education, not so much. We're here for you!
Sun., Mar. 15   2p-4p
Holiday Inn--Johnson City
101 W Springbrook Dr.
You know what essential oils are and you know they're amazing, but you want to know MORE! We're here for you! Please join us for our class on how to reduce the toxins in your home by making your own sprays. You will have 3 sprays to choose from: Room Spray, Window Cleaner and Vegetable Spray. Come ready to learn and have fun!
Thurs., Mar. 26    6:30p-7:30pm
AcuNinja Integrated Therapies--Kingsport
400 Market Street
Are you curious about natural solutions and how they may help you and your loved ones? Essential oils are EVERYWHERE! But education, not so much. I'm here for you!
  • SAVE 15% on Peppermint Softgels all month long.  (supports healthy function of the digestive system and helps reduce occasional gas, bloating, and other digestive difficulties*; provides digestive relief to the lower intestines*)
  • FREE Product of the Month: Palmarosa Essential Oil  when you place an LRP order of 125PV before the 15th (diffuse this oil to create a welcoming atmosphere; dilute in a carrier oil as part of a relaxing massage; add two drops to a soothing Epsom salt bath; combine with your favorite doTERRA facial cleanser to support youthful-looking skin)
  • EXCITING NEWS: A BRAND NEW ENROLLMENT KIT!--HEALTHY ESSENTIALS: This special, collection is curated with our favorite oils to support whole body health: the protective products. The Healthy Essential Enrollment Kit includes:  Petal Diffuser * Breathe 15 ml * Copaiba 15 ml * DigestZen 15 ml * Deep Blue 5 ml * Adaptive 15ml * OnGuard 15ml * Balance 15ml * Peppermint 15ml * Lavender 15ml * Lemon 15ml              COST: $249 (includes membership fee) 
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