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February 2018

February—the month of love! Would you ever offer your partner a pass on acknowledging Valentine’s Day? I did, and had not-so-surprising results. After hearing one too many complaints about V-day just being a marketing gimmick for people to sell stuff, I offered my wonderful-in-other-ways husband a deal: he gets a free pass on V-day IF he agrees to make 4 romantic gestures throughout the year, big or small, based on HIS timing/feelings to show he cares about his wife and mother of his children. His eyes lit up. But after a few seconds, he shrugged and declined. You see, he’s a smart man and knew that wasn’t in his nature; since he keeps his promises, he realized the odds were against him following through without a reminder, like a big holiday.
The point of this story? Know what you need to feel happy, loved and appreciated, own it, and be sure it’s not a secret! Warning: this “deal” wouldn’t have worked if I really cared about when I was shown that I was loved and appreciated. Feel free to use and share. Let me know your results!
February 17--Random Acts of Kindness Day   What a perfect fit for the month of love. My wish is that you not only make a point of doing a Random Act of Kindness on 2/17, but that every day you find a way to brighten someone's day.
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Every Wednesday, 2p-4p
Open Doors Coffee House
101 E. 8th Ave., JC
Do you have questions about essential oils but have a difficult time making it to a class? This is a great opportunity to just drop in and ask your questions! Awesome coffee house with $1.00 coffee for us seniors--yay! A wonderful menu and the friendliest staff. Can't wait to share a cup and some knowledge about how essential oils can support you toward wellness!
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Thurs., Feb.. 15  6p
The Offices of Classic Title Company

806 E Jackson Blvd #1, Jonesborough
Are you curious about essential oils and why so many people are talking about them/using them? Are you confused about why some brands cost so little and some are pricey? Come learn why natural solutions are the solution and why it DOES matter which brand you choose to use. Bring friends! Drawings for prizes!
Wed., Feb. 21  6pm
The Skinny on Slim & Sassy!
Panera Bread
3140 Peoples St., JC
Does your weight management shake mix help manage cortisol--a stress hormone associated with fat storage in the tummy, hips and thighs? Does each purchase of your shake mix help you save money on future purchases? Come find out all of the other reasons you should give Slim & Sassy a try. RSVP so I can save a seat for you!
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This book, written by Michael A. Singer, came to me at the perfect time. Finally, concrete examples of how to actually "Let go, let God." For the complete blog, click on the button below.
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