I decided to place this information under Spiritual Wellness because if you’re not taking care of yourself, your spirit will suffer, for sure. I’ve always made a point of knowing myself and what I need. So it never occurred to me to second-guess myself when I arranged to stay with my single girlfriend for a weekend, to get a much-needed break from parenting. I loved being an at-home mom, but without family nearby and only single girlfriends, I sometimes felt overwhelmed. And since I have a smart husband, he readily agreed to take care of our six-month old son while I re-charged.

But I wasn’t prepared for the judgement from well-meaning family and friends who thought it selfish of me to expect my husband to give up his weekend “babysitting” after working so hard all week. I ignored the comments as best as I could and refused to feel guilty. The next time I encountered such judgement was during a “mom’s night out” event. When it became clear that they were content to talk about colic and potty-training the entire evening, I suggested that we limit our talk about our kids and learn more about each other—who we were before kids, what we enjoyed doing outside of mommy stuff—and they looked at me in horror! I’ve just never been the type of mom who can live through/for her children. I don’t judge those who do, but it’s just not in me. So, I moved on and kept searching for “my tribe.”

I’m usually a late bloomer, but in this case, I was ahead of a trend! I took it to heart when I heard the story about how, on airplanes, in case of an emergency, the mom is told to use the oxygen first, BEFORE giving it to her child. Meaning, if the mom isn’t okay, she’s of no use to those who need her the most. I share this story to any woman I meet who is neglecting herself by putting everyone else first. Are you guilty of this? If so, what’s one thing you can do to start practicing self-care today?  

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