What do you do as an adult when you still don't have that sense of belonging? You find your tribe! But it’s not easy. Every phase of life offers it’s own challenges for discovering that special group. I found as a young mother, even when part of a “Mom’s Night Out” group, I didn’t fit in. Yes, I was a mom. Loved being a mom. But I felt I had lost my identity and when I suggested we talk about something other than potty training or time-outs, they looked at me like I had three heads! No right or wrong here, just not my tribe. I grew up feeling something was wrong with me because I was different from the rest of my family members, so once I was out on my own, I made a promise not to settle for anything less than complete acceptance. I left that group. In the article How to Find Your Tribe, by Amanda Kohr, she goes in depth on how to go about finding your tribe. I’m so fortunate to have found my tribe in my new hometown of just four years. I felt welcome the minute I stepped inside Shakti in the Mountains. As someone else put it—“It’s my heart place.” We come from all walks of life, and embrace those differences. I’m grateful for the friendships I’ve already made and I’m excited about what the future holds for me and my tribe. Who is your tribe? How difficult was it to find? I would love to know about your journey to find where you belong!

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