Michael A. Singer

This is a life-changing book, with concrete examples on how to transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you. What would it be like to free yourself from limitations and soar beyond your boundaries? What can you do each day to discover inner peace and serenity?

I don’t do well with the abstract, so those types of questions usually put me on alert that I won’t be shown how to accomplish such lofty goals, only told that I need to do so. 

“How would you feel if someone outside really started talking to you the way your inner voice does? How would you relate to a person who opened their mouth to say everything your mental voice says? After a very short period of time, you would tell them to leave and never come back. But when your inner friend continuously speaks up, you don’t ever tell it to leave. No matter how much trouble it causes, you listen.”  

I laughed out loud during the chapters about that nagging inner voice! Guilty! I’ve never questioned its existence, never imagined I could actually get rid of the constant chatter in my brain. I also never explored the link between energy and fear before, how damaging it is to protect our hearts from pain at all costs. If we will just breathe and let the pain go through us, we can not only survive but thrive. Yes, it hurts at that moment, but by letting it move on and through, we’re actually FREE. The writing in this book is exceptional, the message, a game-changer.

 “Let go, let God,” sounds great, but until I’m shown HOW, it’s just a sound-bite. I highly recommend this book if old hurts are still running your life. I’ve decided to take baby steps. I’m going to tackle my camera phobia that I’ve had since childhood. My reluctance to be in pictures is holding me back professionally and personally. Not a huge scar, but something that steals my joy. I now feel I have the tools to overcome the illogical fear of having my picture taken. What fear or pain is keeping you from living a free, joyful life?   

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