Yoga is something I’m determined to pursue before year-end. I’ve just heard too many wonderful things about it to ignore. It’s a complex physical, mental and spiritual discipline that involves more than a set of exercises to keep your body strong and healthy. Shakti represents the feminine life energy that courses through everything in the universe. Shakti creative energy makes it possible to live, think and act by powering your mind with emotions, memories and desires. Did you know that doTERRA has a Yoga Collection of essential oils? The perfect addition to your yoga practice.

I could have placed this under Physical Wellness or Emotional Wellness, but I chose Spiritual Wellness because of how centering on the female energy nurtures the spirit. See my blog for information on Shakti in the Mountains in Johnson City, TN

In my quest for better health as I age, I've discovered many natural solutions that support my body toward wellness. It's a fact that the fewer medications you take, the more hope you have of a quality of life as you age. If you're open to a more holistic approach, contact me for a FREE wellness consult and we can discuss which doTERRA Essentiail Oils and other modalities may help! 

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