Forgiveness can almost seem like an abstract concept--how do we know when we've truly forgiven someone? I mean, we can think we have, say that we have, but how do we really know? One way you can tell is how you feel when you're talking about the situation to someone.  If there's still a lot of emotion present as you're recalling the hurt, you haven't completely forgiven. You still have work to do. When you can recall the incident in an unattached manner, you're good. I'd love to hear if you have any other ways to tell when you've forgiven and moved on.

Making amends with those who trespass against us yields a number of physical and mental benefits. Sometimes even victims of the worst crimes can find solace in letting go.

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On New Year’s Eve in 1995, Frances McNeill, a 78-year-old woman who lived alone in Knoxville, Tennessee, went to bed early. Outside, someone watched the house lights flick off. Figuring its inhabitants were gone for the night, he made his move. Click here for the rest of the compelling story.


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