I have been doodling this image in various journal entries for the past year, especially during trying times. It reminds me that when I have Faith in my Heart, I have Peace in my Heart. (Shout-out to my creative future son-in-law, Dan Yingling, for turning my scribble into word art!) During this virus crisis, with all of the fear and uncertainty, it's crucial to focus on your faith. Faith in: Yourself--you're too invested in your dreams to let anyone or anything keep you from making your dreams come true; you're strong enough, tenacious enough to weather any storm and rebuild if necessary.  Faith in: Your Community--we are all in this together and we will help one another come back even stronger than before. Faith in: Staying Home--we know it's imperative that we stay home in order to flatten the curve of the virus; we can use this time wisely by practicing gratitude daily, appreciate having more time with family and furbabies; pray for and thank those on the frontlines, working at risk to their own health; time to reflect on what is truly important to you, personally and professionally. Are you doing what fills you with purpose, makes you excited to get up every morning? Are you intentional about making time for joy in your life? Do you need to pivot, reboot? Why not work on you and your mindset so that you'll be the best version of you when life gets back to normal? Faith in: Our Creator, God, higher power: whatever your belief system, remember that we were never promised a life free of struggle, only that we are never alone. Take a few deep breaths and release. Release the worry and need to control. Faith in your heart brings peace to your heart. Sweet, comforting peace that will get us through this, and any future crisis.

And when the worry, panic, darkness hits again, and it will--breathe and just be. And try diffusing essential oils that are calming and uplifting, such as Balance Grounding Blend and Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend!  Be in the moment. Be present in the life you have now. And celebrate you and your unique timing for your life! Please share how find peace.  

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Please share what you are doing to stay strong and stay connected during this challenging time so we can inspire and support one another.