Sometimes the treatments that address just the symptoms help, but only for a little while and there’s usually a list of possible side effects no one ever wants to experience. I’ve been there, done all of that when I was struggling with undiagnosed pain for four years, which led to a Fibromyalga diagnosis. You can read more about my journey for relief from chronic pain here.  If you’ve tried everything without much relief and are open to alternatives, you might want to check out Myofascial Release Massage, Craniosacral Therapies, or the Amygdala Connection Technique. Katherine Eason, OTR/L offers a definition of these therapies. Click here to learn more about Katherine.

In my quest for better health as I age, I've discovered many natural solutions that support my body toward wellness. It's a fact that the fewer medications you take, the more hope you have of a quality of life as you age. If you're open to a more holistic approach, contact me for a FREE wellness consult and we can discuss which doTERRA Essentiail Oils and other modalities may help!