I am very aware that it "takes a village" of practitioners to help a person who has suffered debilitating trauma, to regain a level of wellness that all human beings deserve.

I consider myself fortunate to have trained in several forms of therapy that enhance this process towards wellness. I honestly believe that I have the best job in the universe!

What I Do:

Myofascial Release & Craniosacral Therapies are gentle forms of rehabilitative bodywork that provides relief from pain by releasing restricted fascia and balancing the body. The Amygdala Connection Technique is a healing sequence for releasing stuck fear patterns.

Essential Therapy Services
Katherine L. Eason, OTR/L
323 West Walnut St., Suite #211
Johnson City, TN 37604






I have been seeing Kathy for several months now to resolve my chronic neck and shoulder pains. I have tried over the years various other alternative methods to try to get a more permanent solution to my neck and shoulder pains, and I have found that the work that Kathy does to have more of a longer lasting effect and more signs of progress. I would highly recommend doing the Amygdala Connection Technique as it has brought up and released a lot of buried emotions that has been very beneficial to my overall healing. Also, I have found that the double sessions have accomplished way more for me than the single sessions. I have recommended Kathy to everyone that I know as I know that her methods work!    -Jennifer Moore


Kathy brings her best self to every session of therapy. She brings an intelligence and intuition that perfectly complement each other in her choices of how to work.

As a client, I felt her deep commitment to the best possible outcomes in my treatment. If you sometimes feel you haven't really been "heard" by other practitioners, come see Kathy for an evaluation and a few treatments.

To illustrate some of the qualities I admire in Kathy, I've listed the reasons I think of her as a cutie pie.

C compassionate   U understanding   tenacious   I intuitive   educated 
passionate   I intelligent   energetic