I think of myself as a healer, helper, and guide to all. I love to listen, learn, and help patients to focus on the information that's important for wellness and healing. 

I believe that personalized medicine, more one on one contact with your physician, is the best way to help you reach your maximum health potential.

What I Do:

Personalized Medicine uses the latest technologically advanced laboratory tests to get a clear picture of your unique health profile.  With my years of training and experience in Osteopathic, Integrative, Functional, and Family Medicine, I will listen, consult and guide you to a treatment program that is tailored specifically to your unique needs - using whatever medication, supplement, nutrition, therapeutic approach, and/or lifestyle change would serve you best.  My greatest hope and drive is to help you heal your bodymind, and spirit.

Johnson City Personalized Medicine
Dr. Coleen Smith
111 W. Tenth Ave.
Johnson City, TN  37604







"Dr. Smith is the most caring and knowledgeable doctor I have ever found. She treats you as a whole, not just a symptom to write prescriptions. She’s a doctor that actually listens, examines, investigates with specialized testing, interprets the results and actually makes a plan for long term life of quality. I feel we are partners in wellness. I would recommend her to anyone!" Kim, Johnson City, TN 


"I've struggled with multiple health issues from infancy that frustrated many physicians for decades.  Dr. Smith spent a lot of time with me, and she helped me find that I had genetic mutations causing multiple metabolic imbalances, and then helped me create a health plan that has me feeling better than I ever remember feeling.  This is the most helpful healthcare I have ever received." Elizabeth, Johnson City, TN