Some of the habits listed come easily to me, others, not so much. I give thanks every night that God understands and accepts that I’m a work in progress. #17 is my favorite--visit people in person! Facebook should not replace a night out with friends.

  1. Wish someone the best. 

  2. Sleep in a completely dark room. 

  3. Go walking. 

  4. Drink more water. A lot more. 

  5. Eat more slowly. 

  6. Keep in touch. 

  7. Meditate for two minutes a day. 

  8. Count your blessings. 

  9. Surround yourself with other happy people. 

  10. Goof off once in a while. 

  11. Cultivate resilience. 

  12. Try to be happy. 

  13. Look for the good in others. 

  14. Volunteer. 

  15. Deepen your conversations. 

  16. Listen. 

  17. Visit people in person. 

  18. Listen to music. 

  19. Exercise. 

  20. Stand up straight. 

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