I was already a fan of the author, Gabrielle Bernstein, but Judgment Detox has changed my life the most. Easily on my top 10 favorite  books that I wish I had read sooner.  I really appreciate how you’re not made to feel shame for judging others or even ourselves—it’s completely natural for us as human beings to judge. What’s important is to become aware of when we’re judging so that we can pause, reflect and shift from the negative energy of judging to the positive energy of love and empathy.

Anyone else have a control issue? My hand is up, although I’ve really worked hard at minimizing it. Have you ever thought that if people would just listen to you, do what YOU think is the right thing, your friend, relative, co-worker, neighbor would feel better, calmer and have fewer challenges? I mean, we’re just trying to be helpful, right? What this book taught me is that even if our advice and intentions are great, it doesn’t serve the other person. In fact, it can harm them. Each of us is on our own, unique journey, with life lessons to learn, or not learn. Patterns tell us what we need to work on. Or not. We get to choose. We can’t make someone choose to think/act the “right” way. If we try to influence their decisions, they lose the ability to learn the lesson they need to learn. The healing can’t happen. This truth has been liberating for me because one of my top five strengths is Responsibility. As a wife, mother, friend, etc., it’s very easy for me to take on the responsibility of “helping” others in order to lessen the painful lessens in their lives. And if they refuse to listen to me, then I have failed. No more! I work on me, on the healing I need to do, and simply love and support others on their journeys. It’s not up to me to fix anyone else’s problems—although I do recommend this book. A lot! And the cool thing is, by removing that burden from my shoulders, my relationships have improved immensely. I am no longer frustrated or judging. I am love and empathy. Feels amazing.

The author gives concrete steps to take (I don’t deal well with the abstract) to help release the beliefs that hold you back from living your best life. If you or someone you know feels stuck, please do yourself a favor and read this book. And let me know your take-aways!

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