Marci Shimoff with Carol Kline

Confession: I am not and never will be perky. I’m okay with that. Even so, the title of this book intrigued me and I’m so glad I took a chance. This book offers tips on how to be happy no matter what is going on in your immediate world or the world at large. So much is out of our control, but not our happiness. Especially now, in these trying times, we need more happiness for no reason. Spread the word! 

Did you know the sense of smell is one of the strongest of your senses? That's one reason why essential oils can quickly change your mood and energy level. The citrus oils such as lemon, wild orange and lime are amazing for uplifting mood!

In my quest for better health as I age, I've discovered many natural solutions that support my body toward wellness. It's a fact that the fewer medications you take, the more hope you have of a quality of life as you age. If you're open to a more holistic approach, contact me for a FREE wellness consult and we can discuss which doTERRA Essentiail Oils and other modalities may help! 

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