Sharing the struggles and the victories, big and small, while dealing with new goals helps me not feel so isolated and overwhelmed, even though I consider myself an introvert. For some aspects of my life, I’ve come to realize and embrace the fact I do better if someone else is holding me accountable, especially when it comes to my wellness goals. Not the “shake your finger at me, make me feel like a loser when I falter” kind of accountable though. Only positive reinforcement works for me. Along with a gentle nudge when I’m resisting!

Things to consider before choosing a Wellness Buddy:

·       Who: be sure it’s someone positive and ready to commit

·       When: what time of day will you check in and how often during the week? (my Wellness Buddy Abby and I message one another nightly, and get together for some fun face-time once a month. Choose what makes sense with your schedules.)

·       What method of communication: we send private messages on Facebook, but you could call, text or email

        If you’re feeling stuck or uninspired about your goals, why not give a Wellness Buddy a try? If you already have one, share a favorite tip!

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