My gut was telling me to run, but my heart was reasoning “they mean well, they’re just misguided.” I now listen to my gut and limit my time with them.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are, it doesn’t matter how talented you are, which skills you have, where you are born, or which family you came from. The most important thing if you want to be successful in life is the people you surround yourself with.

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’

I am the average of the five people I spend the most time with. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Based on this information, do you feel you need to make any changes in your circle? Spend time in silence and meditate on the answer. Diffusing essential oils such as Sandalwood or Clove can assist with clarity.

In my quest for better health as I age, I've discovered many natural solutions that support my body toward wellness. It's a fact that the fewer medications you take, the more hope you have of a quality of life as you age. If you're open to a more holistic approach, contact me for a FREE wellness consult and we can discuss which doTERRA Essentiail Oils and other modalities may help! 

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