about me.jpgHi,

I’m Becky, creator of Hope Essential, LLC. I have always believed knowledge is power. I also embrace that I am a late bloomer, which means it’s not a shock that I found my true purpose in my fifties! I wasn’t even looking, but when I found doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils, they not only changed my life for the better health-wise, but also provided me with a platform for promoting a holistic lifestyle, something that was pivotal in reclaiming my health, my life, when I experienced serious medical problems in my late 40’s. I was let down time and time again by doctors of American medicine in the  diagnosing of several issues: thyroid, allergies, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, muscle/joint pain, fibromyalgia.

Unnecessary/inconclusive tests. Disregard of possible side effects of medications. Fatalistic attitudes (one EndocrInolgist—you’re going to be a diabetic, it’s just a matter of when—in 2 years or when you’re 80.) At one point I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and told to learn to live with the pain. In my research I uncovered details that made me question the completeness of the diagnosis. Because of my persistence, I ended up meeting with a neurosurgeon who determined a bulging disc was causing the leg pain. Once the source of chronic pain was removed, 85% of my fibromyalgia symptoms disappeared! But it took 4 long years to get the right answer—at my initiative.

Fortunately, during this challenging time, I had an empowering, positive experience with a Dr. of Oriental Medicine. Throughout all the negative experiences listed above, she countered with a positive attitude and used acupuncture, supplements and other treatments which led me to better health. No quick fixes, no treatment of the symptoms, but a determination to get to the root of the problem. She supported my decision to have the back surgery and helped with the recovery.

Of course surgery and supplements alone couldn’t provide optimal health. I had to do the hard work, too--healthier diet, stretching, manage stress better, etc. And alternative medicine wasn’t cheap, especially since her services weren’t covered by insurance. But it was worth every penny to really feel heard and know I had someone fighting for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had wonderful experiences with several doctors of American medicine, and some disappointing encounters with alternative medicine practitioners, but through it all, my belief has only grown stronger that only treating symptoms is not the answer. My quest for better health has led me to discover so many other options, from essential oils to myofascial release massages, to a less well-known treatment such as the Amygdala Connection Technique (a healing sequence for releasing stuck fear patterns) and so many others.

Now, my purpose and passion is to let as many people as possible know the power of essential oils, the benefits of a holistic approach to wellness—treating the entire body, mind, body and soul--from the inside out instead of just treating symptoms.

Everyone deserves to age with a quality of life. Are you in? Schedule your appointment today!